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  • Contemporary Rome

    In recent years Rome has successfully initiated a program to expand and promote its contemporary culture. This has resulted in the founding of two museums of contemporary art, the opening of new commercial art galleries, the rise in reputation of young and emerging Italian artists on the international art scene, the building of outstanding examples of architecture. The city has enjoyed a surge in cultural and ethnic diversity, with varied restaurants, vibrant neighborhoods and new artistic expressions.


    This service is designed to introduce the public to Contemporary Rome. Our goal is to reveal Rome as a city of today, an international world capital, a multi-ethnic and multi-cultural metropolis and a truly Eternal City. We make use of the city’s many wonderful works of art and architecture from all time periods in order to reveal the profile of the modern city.


    Our customized tours focus on the overlapping of past and present, history and current experience, myth, legend and local lore, art and architecture, food and popular culture, as we peel away the many city layers to trace the roots of today in the foundations of the past. By means of our solid scholarly expertise, the art lover, seasoned traveler and first time visitor will have access to the many facets of Rome. We customize our tours to satisfy the needs and curiosity of our clients, taking care to engage even the very young, as we capture the imagination and make the magical wonder of Rome come alive.

  • Shara Wasserman

    is an art historian, curator and university professor of contemporary art who specializes in the art and urban development of contemporary Rome. She has published articles in venues such as Art in America and essays in exhibition catalogues on local and international artists and on the current Italian art scene. Her passion for Rome and her intimate knowledge of the city and of the players who guide the cultural politics are communicated through exclusive tours that weave together the past and present history and culture of Rome.

  • Maria Teresa Natale

    is an archeologist; she works for the Italian Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities, collaborating with libraries, archives, museums and cultural institutions on the preservation, promotion and digitization of the Italian cultural heritage. She is co-founder of Lascia Il Segno (www.lasciailsegno.it), the most complete Italian virtual museum of Street Art. Her app and blog Appasseggio (www.appasseggio.it) was launched to promote the walk as a means of experiencing the city and the outskirts through varied cultural itineraries.